Butter Me Up! Candles

Nothing says “home” more than the delightful flickering of a candle flame.  Candles are a wonderful way to add style and warmth to your home. They can also release a beautiful aroma that freshens and fragrances the air.

Unfortunately, many store bought candles are packed full of dangerous chemicals that release a storm of toxic fumes into your home as they burn.  Most candles are made primarily from paraffin which releases carcinogenic chemicals when burned.  Also, some candle wicks are made from lead cores and release harmful amounts of lead when lit.  Plus, store bought candles are usually stuffed with artificial fragrances which can cause irritation and trigger allergic reactions.

That’s why in this blog post we want to share a few of our most beautiful ALL NATURAL candles that will not only decorate your home, but will also naturally cleanse and fragrance the air.


Super Simple Beeswax Candleshow-to-make-beeswax-candles-2

These beeswax candles are so simple!  Beeswax is a beautiful golden color.  It cleanses the air and has a delicate natural scent similar to that of honey.  If you like, you can customize your Butter Me Up! candles by adding essential oils to naturally fragrance these candles.

5420a6c7a8640eb438d16ee31c5ef6ceFrench Vanilla Candles

These beautiful candles made with coffee and vanilla beans will release a beautiful fall aroma that will make your house feel warm and cozy as the nights draw in.

Olive Oil Candledsc_0696

This is a great idea that not only makes a beautiful candle, but also creates a light source using items readily available in your kitchen – great for emergency power cut situations!



hot-sale-10pcs-lot-small-unscented-font-b-floating-b-font-font-b-candles-b-fontFloating Candles

These floating candles have been specifically designed with summer in mind. The presence of citronella essential oil acts as a powerful mosquito repellent so placing these floating candles around your garden will help you have a mosquito free summer!

Having said that, you can customize these candles with different scents to make them more appropriate for fall and winter, too.



Ice Candlesice-candles-display-taste-of-home

This is a unique candle making method using ice cubes that adds an unpredictable texture to your candles.  The end result is a beautiful candle block with character and a wonderful aroma.





how-to-make-a-teacup-candle-5aBeeswax Teacup Candles

This lavender beeswax candle looks charming and elegant when melted into an antique teacup.  Add your favorite essential oil to create any aroma you like!  Try cinnamon essential oil in fall or rosemary essential oil in summer.


Drink Glass Candles & Lamps

We’ve transformed a few basic drinking glasses and our delicious all-natural tea light candles into the most incredibly enchanting decorative lighting features to be used in any room of the home.  Place these at each diner’s position at a dinner party, create a mood of pure romance, or arm yourself with the most amazing gifts for any occasion across the board.  These elegant little works of art, created by Butter Me Up!, are quite uniquely versatile!


Cinnamon Candlescinnamon-candle

This is another candle holder offered by Butter Me Up!, and one you should definitely keep in mind for the holiday season!  It makes a great decoration or table centerpiece!





diy-layered-candle-8Layered Jar Candles

Keep it for yourself or give it away as a beautiful DIY gift.  Enjoy layers of your favorite colors and scents in these beautiful layered jar candles!

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